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Why Choose a Goshen Swamp Puppy?

Health Tested

All dogs are health tested prior to breeding--hips, elbows, eyes, and common genetic diseases found in Labrador Retrievers.

All of our breedings are dilute free. 




The pedigrees of our parents are examined and compared well before breeding ever occurs. Balance of size, looks, temperament, and drive is important to create a puppy with natural marking ability, lots of drive, and easily trained. 

Perfect Pairing

Sires are selected to compliment our females and improve on their weaknesses and vice versa. We want a well rounded puppy with ability and good looks!

Early Introduction

Our puppies are introduced at a very young age to various noises, stimuli, and experiences. They are able to swim, retrieve bumpers, and interact with duck wings to give them a great head start. 

Titled Parents

We work hard to achieve titles with our dogs, while it may not be important to everyone, this shows the biddability and trainability of our dogs. Our dogs are driven, intelligent, and their titles prove that. 

Proven Progeny

Puppies from our litters have excelled in hunting situations, hunt test competitions, dock diving, gun dog training and various other venues. Of course they are also loyal, loving pets. 

Past Litters


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