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Our Process

Here are a few key points about how we raise our puppies into the smart, loyal, trainable and loving animals that you receive!

  • Our puppies are raised in the house, we watch over them very closely the first few weeks

    • Stefani even has a live camera on them she can watch from her phone, anywhere she is!​

  • Puppies are weighed at birth, receive a designated collar color, and are weighed daily for the first 2 weeks of life​

    • After that, they are weighed every other day and then weekly​

  • They are exposed to various noises and stimulations throughout their life

  • We deworm at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks old

  • Nails are trimmed on a weekly basis or more often if needed

  • Puppies listen to rock music and various other noises throughout their time with us (i.e. vacuum, lawn mower, construction noises, banging pots, etc.)

  • At three weeks old we introduce potty training--a tray with fake grass and pellets underneath

    • They learn very quickly how to use it!​

  • At this age they are also introduced to puppy "mush" and it gradually changes to harder kibble​

  • We introduce all of our puppies to the water (weather permitting), wings, bumpers, car rides, crates, and anything else that we can think of to make them well rounded pups

  • First set of vaccines are received at 6 weeks old

  • Puppies are able to go home at 8 weeks old!

    • Puppy picks are done by deposit 

    • We know our puppies and help match the best personality and drive to your goal 

    • Not every puppy works for every family

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All of this (and more) is done to provide you with the most well rounded puppy possible for your hunting partner, hunt test competitor, dock diving enthusiast, or family companion!


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