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Puppy Training

We love whelping and raising puppies. Training is something we are relatively new to, but have had great success with both our own puppies and others. EMAIL us ( today if interested in basic puppy training--we take these on a very limited basis so that we can give each puppy the attention it needs. 


We love to work with young dogs and make sure they start out on the right foot. It could be a puppy we bred, or one from a fellow breeder that you just don't have time to work with some basics. We can work on crate training, water and wing introduction, general recall,  socialization, introduction to obedience, and retrieving. All of these are important to start your dog out right--whether they will be companions, gun dogs, or in competition. While our experience is with retrievers, we wouldn't turn down well bred puppies of other breeds for training.

*We do NOT do behavior modification* This would only be for young puppies, 8-16 weeks old. 

Each dog is different. It's important to remember that each dog is also on it's own timeline!

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Past Success

While we are new to the "training" aspect we have successfully raised our own puppies, that have gone on to become Senior Hunters and Master Hunters. Our young females are still in formal training but are ready to hit the ground running!


We have also raised puppies for clients that made outstanding hunting dogs and ones that are currently competing in the field trial world. The right start is imperative for your puppy!

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