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Welcome to Goshen Swamp Retrievers. We are committed to producing high quality Labrador Retrievers that make wonderful hunting companions, hunt test competitors, and family members. 

Our Story

Both Chris and I have always loved animals, between the two of us we have three degrees in Animal Science and one in Biology from NC State. Chris has hunted since he was young, with various bird dogs and hunting situations. His friend introduced him to duck hunting with dogs in college (prior to that he was the one retrieving the ducks!) and his new favorite hobby began. The joy of watching the dogs work was something else! We purchased our first female in 2015, "Phe" named after the character Fiona in the show Burn Notice (who likes to blow things up--much like our puppy who destroyed things) and the rest is history. 

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We breed our females and typically have puppies for sale from mid summer through the end of the year. We aim to maximize on ideal Derby birthdates when possible. 

Our male (once mature) will be available for stud. 

Puppy Training

We have trained several puppies and prepared them for their new homes--crate training, retrieving, some obedience. 

Contact us for more information. 



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Located in Mt Olive, NC

Chris: (919) 920-0699

Stefani: (910) 401-8529

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