The Full Story

Chris has always loved hunting and often hunted with his brother, friends and grandfather in the swamps of NC and the fields of many states. A college friend introduced him to hunting with labrador retrievers, and he never looked back.

When we purchased our first female, a black lab named "Phe," I don't think either of us knew exactly what we were getting into. We found a trainer and started her off on the right foot. Soon after, we found an excellent chocolate breeding and got our first chocolate, "Breeze" in 2016.  She's our lovebug and lives to please. A repeat breeding happened and a few months later, in 2017, we got her sister, "Stella." Our dogs have trained in SC and GA, in addition to MO and NY for the summer. Y'all know it gets too hot and humid down south to train in July and August!


They've been hunted in the swamps and fields of eastern NC and received many titles. We were thrilled when Phe received her Master's title and she was our first female to have puppies also, in January 2020. She had 9 in the litter, yellow and black, and was a wonderful mom. We are looking forward to seeing how her pups turn out and what the future holds for them! All three of our females are of breeding age, check out their respective pages and our litter page! Our male, "Goose" is still in training but looks very promising--we hope to have him titled and collected soon. 

We are located in Mt. Olive, NC made famous for it's pickles! We health test all of our dogs, and make sure we choose breedings that match or improve the quality of our animals and the breed itself. We strive to provide you with a wonderful retriever, that can hunt in the field or the swamp, can run hunt tests and succeed, and then go home and cuddle on the couch.